Credit Rebuilding Program




For you and your family, it’s been a complicated few years – financially. While ‘credit’ isn’t something that you think about a lot, you suddenly find yourself needing a car sooner rather than later. Maybe it’s a new job in the city, maybe the old vehicle is unexpectedly out of the picture, maybe it’s kids on the way – there are a million other possible reasons, but whatever your reasons are, you need to find transportation as soon as possible. Unfortunately, as it turns out, your credit isn’t where it needs to be, so you are going to need some help.

You eye up some dealerships, but you’re smart enough to see through the sales pattern and you realize that just because you have less than ideal credit right now doesn’t mean you always will. You deserve the benefit of the doubt. After all, you’re looking for a car – not looking to be shackled to a lifetime of debt. There has to be a dealership that will work with you to find something grounded in reality. Somewhere with a trustworthy team that has years of experience helping families just like yours. Then you click a link and end up right here – a Forbes dealership. Bingo.


At Forbes, we work with you to not just find an amenable solution to your vehicle woes, but help you develop a flexible plan that works for everyone involved. Our first step is connecting with any and all of the major banks to find a loan that works for your situation. We then work with them to get the best possible rate, just like we have for hundreds before you. We have access to over 1000 vehicles and we have over 70 years of experience, and there is absolutely no pressure.

So, when you’re ready come down the Forbes dealership of your choice, or, if you’d prefer, fill out an online application to get the whole process started right away. If you’re on the fence don’t forget that one of the best ways to rebuild your credit is to make regular payments on a car loan. With a manageable and fair loan there is every reason to think that working with us might put you on the road to financial recovery and the literal road sooner than you think!


Call 519-807-5521 or email Katrina at today or use the form on this page to contact us regarding your next vehicle.